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Are private-yoga classes worth it?

"I'm terrible at yoga", "I'm not flexible at all", "yoga makes me nervous" or "I'm not a spiritual person"

Many people are intimidated to try yoga for many different reasons: they have the misconception that you need to be flexible to do yoga, but the truth is that flexibility is not a prerequisite to start yoga, nor is it necessary to be a buddha or a contemplative person.

Can't you touch your toes? Perhaps this is the most obvious reason why yoga is indeed for you. In fact, consistent practice will help you improve flexibility while building strength, coordination, consistency, balance, perseverance, and discipline.

So, what is best? A group class or a private class?

A yoga session in which there is only you and your instructor is a unique opportunity not to feel intimidated in a multilevel group. Also, having a private yoga coach to start with yoga or to develop your practice is simply great!

In a private yoga class, the teacher guides you through each yoga pose, explaining the theory behind it and making sure your alignment is right. The session is based on your strengths and weaknesses, building a solid foundation, without you reaching exhaustion nor leading to boredom.

The best and the worst of a particular yoga class? Towards the end we do some really deep relaxation exercises, which are just amazing. Worst part? You won't be able to hide the fact that you were basically asleep!

It's worth it? Definitely. Surely after a private yoga class you will want to do many more.

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