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WELLNESS 360: Employee Wellness Programs and Training

Trainings, workshops and regular courses created with purpose, based on the philosophy of slow-life, mutual care and sustainable individual growth within organizations


Since 2010, at iNSIDE we have been dedicated to experimenting with effective ways to integrate Wellbeing into corporate culture in person in Barcelona and online throughout Spain.


iNSIDE offers comprehensive wellness consulting services for companies. This includes assistance in formulating an effective wellness strategy and selecting wellness and talent development courses and training.


Quality, experience and the dynamic fusion of traditional techniques and the most current trends in Well-being for Companies are the hallmark of our Corporate Wellbeing programs.


We are not a multinational dedicated to the production of standardized and impersonal health and well-being content. Our Wellbeing programs for companies and teams offer a holistic, sincere and direct approach, person to person and without intermediaries.


We work on the comprehensive Wellness Job from organizational coaching with emphasis on human leadership, cooperative and inclusive development of talent and the most current body-mind centering, self-management and mindfulness techniques to address Team Well-being in all its facets.


"The Corporate well-being 100% handcrafted, soul made and purely one-on-one, that really works"

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