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Does happiness at work exist at all ?🌟

Updated: Mar 19

Una persona feliz haciendo yoga
Bienestar laboral, felicidad y éxito

A few months ago, a phrase caught my attention: "Work is love made manifest."

Some attribute it to the writer Elizabeth Gilbert, known for her inspiring book "Eat, Pray, Love," and others to the poet Kahlil Gibran, although what matters is the idea behind these words, which has resonated so much with me in my career transition.

Work, when done with love and passion, manifests itself clearly in the results. And I don't mean so much the monetized results, but the results that impact in the form of harmonious relationships, creative energy, and professional vitality.

In our professional lives, we often face challenges and routines that may seem dull and tasteless. However, when contemplating the connection between work and happiness, a fascinating perspective opens up.

Could the secret to job satisfaction lie in infusing every task with a touch of care and purpose? Is it possible to be happy at work?

When we embrace our work with authenticity, we become architects of our professional destiny. Every effort, every project, becomes a tangible manifestation of our dedication and passion.

Happiness at work, then, is not just a distant ideal but a real possibility.

How could we incorporate more love and authenticity into our workday? Could the act of working become a conscious expression of our love for what we do?

As I have explored this idea, I have left behind a mantra that I used to repeat to myself long ago: work is financial security, purchasing power, and status.

Now I enter a stage where the pursuit of happiness (at work and in general) is not just an aspiration but a journey in itself.

And you, what are you doing with your life?

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