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The Rise of Yoga: Yoga in events and yoga at the office

Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and today is more popular than ever.

Yoga experiences offered today have never been as numerous or unique as they are now. This rise in popularity brings a whole new set of possibilities for companies that want to bet on yoga workshops at their events to tap into wellness trends.

Why business yoga can help you connect with your employees and drive attendance?

A great yoga flow starts with a centering exercise. Business yoga starts by helping employees focus on their motivations. How do you think your attendees will feel when they leave a yoga workshop?

In-company yoga has a myriad of physical and mental benefits.

When you see all those happy faces leaving your yoga class, their stress and tension erased, it’ll be obvious that one of the most important yoga offerings out there is to offer stress relief – so how can you help your event stand out?

Call us to Include a corporate yoga class!

The top 5 reasons people practice yoga

Release tension

Get stronger physically and mentally


Feel happier



Ease physical ailments

Unplug from tech

So put it in action. Come and get your employees out of a chair!

We have professional yoga instructors, but the yoga sequences are designed for beginners. It’s their moment, their yoga practice, their experience and their time to share with the team.

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