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Yoga and Mindfulness for stress managment in commercial teams

This week we have been with the team of Ricoh Spain, in a two-hour workshop of Yoga and Mindfulness in company.

More and more companies are contacting us to give "experiential" corporate yoga and mindfulness workshops that can help employees find real answers to stress.

These are not power-point type workshops in which we pass info, but we always work from what is closest to us - the body. And from the body to the mind.

The question is, then, how to relax, how to experience a state from which we can better cope with whatever life throws at us.

What do we work on in our work stress reduction programs?

1. Practicing breathing exercises in the office

Breathing is a powerful way to regulate our emotions, and it is something we take for granted. Through breathing, you can activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), your body's calming response.

2. Release tensions in the body through corporate yoga.

Mindful observation of the body is one of the most effective ways to analyze where we need to work and what areas we can release to feel good on a daily basis. Yoga offers an extremely analytical view of the body's anatomy and today it is the most recommended physical activity for reducing stress.

3. Learn to relax with relaxation in your company.

There is no doubt that the modern lifestyle is super stressful. Work, family and social obligations make it difficult to find time for yourself. Relaxation is essential to maintain the health of both body and mind, and to recover from the stresses of everyday life. Fortunately, no matter how busy you are, it's easy to learn how to create time to relax and also how to do it in the best possible way.

4. Being present through Corporate Mindfulness

How often are we really 100% present with other people? When was the last time someone was 100% present with you?

By being present while practicing Mindfulness, you learn to take care of yourself and your own well-being, with practices such as breathing and self-compassion, you are able to direct more attention outward to feel more connected as well.

This is what the Richoc Spain team learned this week. They are 100% grateful to have been able to be with this wonderful company.

This is what they published in their networks:

"A few days ago we changed for a few hours the KPI's for controlled breaths, the forecasts for relaxation and the closings for meditation.

We told ourselves that in order to give our all we have to make time to take care of our mind and body. Therefore, the whole SMB Barcelona team made a comforting yoga/mindfullness activity by the hand of Carmen Caleya and her center Inside Yoga (IG: @_insideyoga).

To thank the patience of Andrea Barrera (IG: @andrea_iyengar_yoga) who guided us for 2 hours through this wonderful world, literally turned us "upside down" and got what few.... That a commercial team of 20 people remain in complete silence".

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