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Yoga as a tool for prevention and occupational health

Research has shown countless positive effects that business yoga can have on a person: yoga helps to deal with stress, anxiety and emotional exhaustion

Companies and individuals normally focus on the causes of health problems or provide solutions once the illness is already present. But yoga focus on the prevention of the problem before it arises.

Many preventive measures are organizational and it is up to the organization to adopt healthy programs as part of Occupational Risk Prevention Policies, that’s why we work hand on hand with companies starting from the employees, giving them instruments to avoid and face situations that may affect their mental and emotional health at work.

Yoga at the office contains a series of techniques that can help us to achieve that stability and balance at work and in daily life.

The effects of in-company yoga are not short-term. Business Yoga can prevent burnout and many other health-related problems for years to come. It is considered to be one of the best ways to prevent distress and problems in life, while also creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.

It’s amazing combination of physical movement, breathing techniques, relaxation and mindfulness are all you employees need to create the emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy lifestyle that your company deserves!

Here are a few of the many benefits yoga has:

Today, we’ve been leading this inspiring session of chair yoga for young adults at Prat Educació in Barcelona, as part of the occupational risk prevention course. We are so happy to have spent a great time with this fabulous team of young adults!

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