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I am founder and director of the Inside Yoga Corporate Wellness project. As an advanced yoga and meditation teacher, I am a tireless seeker of happiness through the methodical study of classical transcendental philosophies.
My firm conviction that individual well-being is the key to human flourishing and the sustainable success of people and communities fuels my goal of positively impacting a corporate audience, overcoming barriers and democratizing access to well-being for all people.
I discovered the philosophy of yoga and meditation in 2007 and opened the doors of my first studio in Barcelona in 2010. It was precisely this year when I went through a conscious pregnancy and birth. Profoundly transformative, this experience completely changed my way of understanding the feminine and ignited my desire to empower women to expand their creative power.
With more than 15 years of experience in the training, wellness and comprehensive health consulting sector, I have accompanied hundreds of people with an individual-centered approach, developing programs in real and meaningful contexts, with corporate wellness programs of quality, innovative, profound and transformative.
Over the course of all these years, I have continued to cultivate body and mind through the study of Advaita, Sankhya and Shaivism, with great interest in experiential anatomy, mindfulness and embodiment practices through tango and tantra and my goal is continue sharing my significant learnings with everyone.


My adventure in the iNSIDE project began in 2020, merging my expertise as an economist and comprehensive coach. My current focus is on body-mind-environment harmonization through a postgraduate degree in Comprehensive Coaching, which I enrich with my training and experience in corporate yoga, mindfulness and classic coaching for companies, teams and individuals in professional environments.

My academic background includes a bachelor's degree in Economic Management and a master's degree in Economics with Business Ethics and Management Sociology, obtained in both Germany and Australia. Furthermore, my political experience in Germany as president of the political youth and candidate for elections to the German Parliament has given me a unique understanding of decision-making processes.

After working in institutions such as the third largest German bank, the Federal Ministry of Finance, an Economic Research Institute and the Vice-Presidency of the European Parliament, I decided to found an organization to support disadvantaged children and chaired it for 8 years, highlighting my social commitment and political.

During the last 10 years, I have completely turned my career around, working as a well-being advisor, coach, certified mindfulness and yoga teacher, understanding the relevance of a healthy work environment and providing specific support to corporations and managers in German, English and Spanish.

Offering tools for individual and collective development is my passion and my mission and has become the most challenging driving force of my personal development. It is my coaching and training sessions, my style is inclusive, friendly and warm, with the sincere intention of creating a space that allows each person to show themselves as they are and work on their personal goals and individual needs. That's where my long teaching experience, my individual empathy and my lighthearted humor come into play.

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