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Chair Yoga sequence to practice in the office

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Chair yoga?

Yes, you got it right. Yoga can be practiced while you are comfortably seated in the office. A simple spinal rotation, combined with calming, deep breathing, will make you feel refreshed and relaxed in just a few minutes. Why?

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We spend a third of our day sitting at work, looking at the computer screen. Concentration at work is essential, but it can cause fatigue and body pain. In the long run, it can even cause disorders and injuries neck pain, headache, upper and lower back pain, sciatica, etc.

It is very important to have a good posture while we work to avoid future injuries, but it is also essential to help the body find new movement patterns and experience deep and relaxing stretches.

In this chair yoga sequence, we present several postures to work on:

1. neck

2. shoulder

2. chest

3. arms

4. spine

5. hips

6. legs and knees

We also include a resting pose. Take a break every 90 minutes to do one or more yoga poses. At the end of this series, you will also find three audios to practice a complete breathing sequence, a meditation and a relaxation practice, which you can do at home.

And remember: yoga is not just a type of physical training: it is concentration, attention, relaxation and mindfulness.

We hope this yoga series will help you develop a healthy routine for dealing with tension, anxiety, and stress.

If you want to discover this series in your office, contact us and we will come to your place.

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