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Yoga and creativity in your corporate events

In our business yoga workshops, we help you connect body, mind and soul through meditation, poses and breathing.

Although we often associate yoga with flexibility, there are many interesting reasons to introduce it at events, team building days, workshops or conferences.

Our yoga and mindfulness workshops for companies are an effective tool for harnessing creativity.

On the one hand, yoga helps to relax the tensions in the body that limit us. When the body is not restricted by pain, it frees itself to create. By opening ourselves physically, we become receptive to creative inspiration.

In addition, corporate mindfulness is a powerful meditation technique practiced in yoga. Being mindful means being aware of our present thoughts and feelings without judging or reacting to them.

The practice of accepting our experiences rather than fighting them is an effective tool for dealing with the ups and downs that are part of the creative flow.

Finally, in our corporate breathing workshops, we work on powerful deep breathing exercises, which increase alpha brain waves, the same brain waves associated with higher levels of creativity and lower levels of stress. When we encourage our breath to flow, artistic motivation follows suit.

All this and much more we have offered this week at Cannal Gallery Art Gallery, in collaboration with the super inspiring team at Zara Home.

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