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Yoga at corporate events

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Yoga for companies is becoming a central element in team-building sessions. As corporate wellness is implemented more and more consistently in companies, yoga and mindfulness are becoming part of comprehensive and creative programs that truly make a real difference in the mental and physical health of employees and, what it is more important, in motivation.

‍We have had the opportunity to promote one of these incredible face-to-face programs in a luxury hotel in Sitges, aimed at stress management and corporate well-being.

The ancient science of Yoga has thus found the perfect place in these beautiful outdoor facilities at Dolce Sitges, where our practitioners have experienced well-being, strength, flexibility, balance and postural alignment, among others.

Yoga for companies also adds dimensions such as reducing stress, increasing energy, improving creativity and concentration, and increasing employee productivity and performance.

Are you looking for a custom yoga program for your team building events? The duration and design of the yoga and mindfulness sessions for companies can be adapted to all budgets and requirements.

It is possible to design corporate yoga and mindfulness events even in a 15-minute session, making it accessible to people of all levels and always in a comfortable, original, stable and safe environment.

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